Pepsi Just Showed Us Why Authenticity Isn't Just A Buzzword

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"Marketers need to think longer--and harder--about what conversations they want to join. Taking a shortcut into the conversation du jour is an ill conceived ticket to nowhere, and worse yet, as in this case, into a nefarious dark alley of crisis proportions,” said Alexandra Levy, Founder and CEO of Silicon Alley Media, a strategic communication and crisis PR company.  “Pepsi, of all brands, should know better. After all the time and resources they've invested previously in social programs, they're going to have to double back, re-trench, re-evaluate and above all else, ensure authenticity across all of their efforts. And there's no shortcut to that."

Article written by:

Cari Sommer ,  WOMEN@FORBES

Published APR 6, 2017 @ 11:10 AM